Best In-Ear Gaming Earbuds For PC, PS4, Xbox One, iPhone & More

A good set of gaming earbuds add an extra level of comfort and confidence to the game experience.

The heavy, over-the-ears headphones have their place in history. Not long ago, they were the only option available to gamers seeking a vivid audio experience.

Today, high-quality earbuds provide the same (or superior) audio capabilities. Plus, they are light and portable.

You may even forget you are wearing earbuds. The additional mobility and comfort allows you to focus your energy on the game instead of fidgeting.

There are many good options, but what features should you compare to find the best option for you? If you’re in a hurry, check out out list of top gaming earbuds, otherwise keep reading to learn more about how to shop for a good pair of budget earbuds for gaming.

Best Gaming Earbuds for FPS and More! (2019-2020)

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What to consider before buying

You could spend hours copying earbud features into an Excel spreadsheet and comparing hundreds of features across models. Or you can focus on the three features that really matter in gaming: audio profile, frequency response, and noise isolation and noise cancellation.

Audio profile

The audio profile, sometimes called sound profile, is the strategy a set of earbuds used to reproduce audio.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to strengthen the lower frequencies (bass) or the higher frequencies (treble).

For most gamers, a balanced audio profile is the best choice to optimize the game audio and hear other players.

Frequency response

The frequency response shows the range of audio a pair of earbuds can accurately reproduce without distortion.

The range of hearing for people is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but our most accurate range is from 1000 Hz to 5000 Hz.

Each of us has a slightly different ideal range. This is why you may sometimes perceive a sound (differently) than someone sitting next to you.

Noise isolation and noise cancellation

Noise isolation physically blocks sound from escaping or entering your ear. This keeps other people from hearing sounds from your earbuds and it muffles sounds from the outside world.

Noise cancellation electronically cancels ambient noise by creating inverse sound waves. They do this by playing the opposite sound to what the earbuds pick up.

For example, if someone is mowing the grass outside your window, the earbuds will produce an opposite sound wave so that you don’t hear anything.

Benefits of earbuds over headsets

Headphones completely cover your ears. Fully enclosing your ears gives headphones an advantage in noise isolation.

They also deliver a superior range of tones, especially bass tones. On the other hand, over-the-ear headphones are bulky.

If you wear them for very long, they can feel hot and constricting.

Most earbuds are designed for insertion into your ear canal. The smaller size puts earbuds at a disadvantage in noise isolation.

This is why noise cancellation technology is essential for gaming earbuds. The earbuds are lighter than headsets, so you will feel cooler and freer to move around.

Plus, earbuds won’t muss your hair (if that’s important to you).

Our Top Gaming Earbuds Reviewed

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best earbuds for gamers.

1. DEIVVOX Wired Earbuds (Model D0218)

DEIVVOX Model D0218 Wired Earbuds provide a balanced audio profile with powerful bass and clear treble.

DEIVVOX D0218 Wired Earbuds with Microphone in Ear Headphones - Volume Control Mic - Balanced Sound with Extra Bass - Earphones Noise Isolating - Headset for Cell Phones Samsung Sony LG - Jack 3.5 mm
  • Wired Earphones with microphone - high quality earbuds speakers bring out deep bass and crystal clear treble. Light weight headphones in ear helps enjoy full listening comfort with soft headphones earbuds, snug ear buds that conform instantly to your ears.
  • Durable Earbuds Headphones - compatible with Sony LG Samsung Galaxy note Cell phones iPad iPod Android Tablets and other 3.5 mm audio port devices
  • In Ear Monitor Headphones with mic - comfortable multi-function control button including mic volume control convenient remote control for music play and gaming.
  • Noise isolating earbuds wired with mic - in-ear sound isolating design reduces at least 90 pc. of ambient noise and relax you with stereo sound effects
  • Comfortable earbuds with 3 sets of different soft silicone earbud headphones tips (S/M/L) and 3 sets of noise cancelling memory foam earphone tips (S/M/L) ensure a proper fit and extra comfort. Included high quality protective bag/pouch for earbuds microphone.

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You can control the microphone and volume through the multi-functional control button. Noise isolation technology muffles at least 90 percent of ambient noise.

The aluminum earbud set includes a durable copper TPE cord. The 3.5 mm gold-plated jack is compatible with laptops, tablets, iPhones, and Android phones.

The box contains S/M/L ear tips in both soft silicone and memory foam.


  • Connector: Wired earbuds
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Color: Grey
  • Fit: In-ear
  • Ear Tips: 3 sets of silicone and 3 memory foam
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20KHz
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Noise Cancellation: No
  • Impedance: 30 Ω ± 10%
  • Sensitivity: 96 ± 3 dB
  • DEIVVOX Noise Canceling Earbuds (Model D0218)

DEIVVOX Noise Cancelling Earbuds offer all the features of the earbuds above, these light-weight aluminum earbuds also include noise cancellation technology.

As mentioned above, noise cancellation electronically provides an inverse sound wave to block outside sound. Combined with noise isolation, these DEIVVOX earbuds deliver superior sound for the avid gamer.

2. ENHANCE Mobile Gaming Earbuds (Model ENCVHSE100BLEW)

As the name implies, the ENHANCE Mobile Gaming Earbuds are specifically designed for the needs of gamers playing on PS4, PC, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch.

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The Tactile Reliability Engine (TRE) immerses you into the game experience by offering vibration responses to explosions and gunfire.

The anodized aluminum earbuds include both silicone and gel ear tips in S/M/L so that you can find the most comfortable fit for you.

The kit also includes a PC channel splitter that allows you to use both mic and sound channels on your device.

ENHANCE includes a 4-foot cable so that you can move around the room without disconnecting your earbuds.


  • Connector: Wired earbuds
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Color: Blue and black
  • Fit: In-ear
  • Ear Tips: 3 sets of silicone and 3 foam
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-10kHz
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Noise Cancellation: No
  • Impedance: <44 +/- 1.55k
  • Sensitivity: -44 +/- 5dB

3. KLIM Fusion Earbuds

KLIM Fusion Earbuds are designed for the gamers who want both performance and value.

KLIM Fusion Earbuds with Microphone + Long-Lasting Wired Ear Buds + 5 Years Warranty - Innovative: in-Ear with Memory Foam + Earphones with Mic and 3.5 mm Jack - New Version 2024 - Black
  • ✅ COMFORTABLE. KLIM Fusion are fitted with memory foam which will retain the shape of your ear for a perfect fit. Some people may prefer more standardized in-ear extensions so we're providing 3 additional pairs of all sizes. ✔BONUS : Receive the eBook: “7 tips to keep your computer alive longer and maximize its performance” for free by email after your purchase.
  • ✅ BUILT TO LAST + WARRANTY. There’s a problem with earphones: they often tend to simply stop working after a few months. We prefer to be honest: when it comes to electronics there’s always going to be some defects. We focused on building a product that lasts. 98.5% of earphones are still working after 6 months and 97% still operational after a year. We're confident enough in our product to offer a 5 year warranty, something you’ll find is quite rare for electronics. This is a zero risk purchase.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY AUDIO. You will surely get a higher quality audio output with $100 earphones. But KLIM Fusion offers the absolute best sound quality for its price range, if you want high quality audio at an affordable price, you won’t get better value for your money anywhere else. Enjoy your music without breaking the bank
  • ✅ MEMORY FOAM. It’s innovative, these in ear extensions have a two fold advantage 1) they’re extremely comfortable and fit your ears perfectly and 2) they completely block out outside noise. Once they’re in your ears, it’s just you and your music.
  • ✅ INTEGRATED MICROPHONE - USE IT FOR YOUR CALLS. The KLIM Fusion is the ideal choice if you are working from home. Thanks to its integrated and widely compatible microphone, you can use the KLIM Fusion for your conference calls or to speak to your friends on Skype, Zoom, Discord, Slack and more. Also, it will completely isolate you from external distractions thanks to its noise-blocking memory foam in-ear extension.

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The Fusion offers a full spectrum of sound, but places a higher emphasis on the bass sounds popular in games.

The earbuds include memory foam ear tips for comfort and noise isolation.

KLIM updated their earbud design in 2019 to extend the working time. Now 98.5 percent of Fusion Earbuds still work after a year.

The earbuds are both magnetic to prevent tangling. KLIM chose a modern design for the wired Fusion models.

They are available in multiple colors including blue, black, and white.


  • Connector: Wired earbuds
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Color: Black, Blue, or White
  • Fit: In-ear
  • Ear Tips: memory foam with 4 extensions
  • Frequency Response: 15 – 21000 Hz
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Noise Cancellation: No
  • Impedance: Unavailable
  • Sensitivity: 118dB

4. Sony Extra Bass Earbud Headset (MDR-XB50AP/L)

Sony’s designed Extra Basse Earbuds to deliver a deep and powerful bass.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headphones/Headset with Mic for Phone Call, Blue
  • 12 millimeter dome type driver units deliver powerful deep bass. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Integrated microphone and smartphone playback control
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds for secure, comfortable fit
  • High-energy neodymium magnets for powerful sound
  • Tangle-free, Y-type flat cord with slider

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You’ll still hear your friends chat and other game sounds, but the explosions and sound effects will pull you into the game.

The buds are made with neodymium magnets that provide a superior sound while preventing tangling.

The control button is compatible with the Smart Key app on Android phones. The hybrid silicone ear tips are comfortable and keep the earbuds in place.


  • Connector: Bluetooth/NFC
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Color: Blue, black, red
  • Fit: On-ear
  • Ear Tips: Hybrid silicone
  • Frequency Response: 4-24,000Hz
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Noise Cancellation: No
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB

5. True Wireless Earbuds Elough (Model Ebass X7)

The True Wireless Earbuds Elough offers the benefits of noise cancellation in addition to noise isolation.

No products found.

The antenna is powerful enough to provide a 20-meter range, so you can walk from room to room while you play.

The sound profile leans toward the heavy bass tones to create an immersive game experience, but the treble tones are still crystal clear.

These mini wireless earbuds are IPX7 deep waterproof so you can even take them walking in the rain


  • Connector: Bluetooth V 5.0, support HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/SPP/PBAP
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Fit: In-ear
  • Ear Tips: 3 silicone and 3 foam
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20KHz
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Sensitivity: 103dBSPL at 1kHz/1mW

Summary: Top Gaming Earbuds Comparisons

Here’s a quick glance at our favorite gaming earbuds on the market right now.

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