by Anshul Goyal and Shayna Moon

**UPDATE: Fleet intelligence has managed to provide an image from the engine room of the SSX Pequod prior to its disappearance: (solution to engine room puzzle)


Derelict is a top down sci-fi horror game taking place in a star ship high above the planet Omen, a highly populated world. Click and drag your mouse to navigate the ship.

Programming by Anshul Goyal (@goyalanshul)

Art + Script by Shayna Moon (

Sound Design by Andrea Moon, Miles Moon, Brian Moon (

You can also find this game at

Comments ( 4 )

David Rico said: I liked the sound and concept a lot, but I got stuck assembling the engine. 12 months ago
Anshul said: We have received feedback from several people about the engine room puzzle. We updated the description above with the final image. ***Basically, you have to arrange all the 6 pieces symmetrically in a straight line. There are 3 types of pieces and each type has a mirrored type.*** 12 months ago
Edocentrique said: Hey David Rico how you doin mate looks like i'm stuck with you in the engine room ! 12 months ago
Sylvf said: Very nice! Great use of sound and a minimal atmosphere. Liked the ending quite a bit. 11 months ago
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